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Award for Excellence

We strive to be your complete web page for parenting information, but we realize we cannot do it all.
Graphic Designed by Todd Harrison
Most everyone knows about the 2 major parenting pages out there. Unfortunately, those two are now owned by the same company and are both littered with ads. However, we know that there are a number of other excellent parenting sites on the web. We would like to help our readers know which sites are the cream of the crop, and worth taking a look at. In this spirit, we have decided to take nominations for parenting sites that are deemed "excellent" by our readers. These sites MUST be truly excellent. They must have a professional look, have useful content, and be easy to navigate. We would prefer the page not be a "commercial" page, but will still give consideration to those. Non-Commercial pages will be given higher priority though. Anyone is welcome to nominate a site. We will check out all nominated sites, and those that we feel are worthy, will receive the above graphic to display on their page if they so choose. The honored sites will be displayed and linked on this page.

We have a WINNER!!!

After a month of web searching, we have finally found a page that epitomizes what The #!Parentsroom Award for Excellence is all about.

Dr. Greene's House Calls

Dr. Greene's House Calls is not only a great looking site, it loads fairly quickly and is easy to navigate. However, the best thing about Dr. Greene's site is the quality of information it provides! Dr. Greene has been a pediatrician for many years and as you can tell from the site, he has a knack for answering parents' medical concerns about their children in a manner that is clearly understandable, yet extremely informative.

When you first enter this site you are able to click on the question of the day or choose one of the various "medical bags" of information that are available. There is also a search engine on the first page where you can enter your topic of concern, and it will find any available information that Dr. Greene has on that particular topic. If you don't find any information already available on your topic (this is doubtful!) you may submit your own question to Dr. Greene.

As you read through Dr. Greene's answers on a given topic, you will notice that he does a good job of linking you to other resources on the subject and other answers he may have already given in regard to a previous question. These answers are well thought out and very complete. Dr. Greene even gives the pros and cons of certain issues in his answers. For instance, in a query about the Chicken Pox Vaccine, Dr. Greene gave all the reasons why one might want to have their child get the vaccine, and also all the reasons why one might not want to have their child vaccinated. He does not push any particular answer upon the parent, yet gives them all the facts so they (along with their own pediatrician) can make up their own minds depending on their situation.

All in all, a parent can learn a lot of things about their children's health at this site. We at The #!Parentsroom are proud to present Dr. Greene's House Calls with our first ever #!Parentsroom Award for Excellence!

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